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Most recent comic: Chapter 18

About Nerdy Boy

Thanks to all who followed the original version!
We hope you enjoy

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By Eisha

Poppikun drew a nerdy looking boy and requested a friend to accompany him. I drew Inukami Shiba in return. He came with a collar to show his loyalty. How naïve I was to think that Poppi would think H things about the collar.

It wasn't long until I started drawing more Shiba/NB and I eventually started draw comics of them. I conjured up a story and the series was born.

After a while, Bibi wanted to join in on the fun and started to create a few characters for the series.

We got up to chapter three by the time I became unhappy with where the series was heading. I took a hiatus for about a month. When I returned, I found that Poppi had moved from her account but did not leave the name of her new account;;

I was distressed about how to go about continuing when Bibi suggested that she would revise the story. What a revision;; She now wants her name in big letters saying: DIRECTED BY BIBI. Haha;;

=Master Jinn @ DA

=Texture King

posted by eisha on April 25th, 2008, 2:01 pm   ||   0 comments

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