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Please PM Eisha or Bibi with any questions you would like to have anwered!

From Keoko
1) I'm sure you've been asked before dear artist but how the heck do you do your art?! XD It's so different and unique that it makes me smile. How do you start a page? Half traditional half digital? :3

I ink all pages traditionally with a Sakura micron pen. Then I scan them into the computer and clean and colour in PhotoShop. I have some tutorials on how I go about the comic making process.

2) Both: Do you know each other and plan this together? (in real life) XD

Bibi and I have known each other for about three years now. We met at our school but we're in two different grades. But we meet up at each other's houses from time to time to discuss some things. We also do a lot of chatting about the comic online.

It started when I sent a basic outline to Bibi and she sent it back to me with so much MORE. The outline had now turned into a mini-novel. Since then, I try to type more and be more descriptive with my outlines to somewhat match that mini-novel format and Bibi will cut, edit and add in her own stuff and ideas. I write a lot about what centres around Akira and Shiba and Bib writes a lot about Mayuu and Kai. So the comic has a lot of balance between the main characters due to this.

From Kurayami
How did the idea of Nerdy Boy come about? =D I know most of the time when I think up random shit like this it happens in a dream xD

Nerdy Boy was originally going to be a pointless BL-drama comic. I didn't want it to be like all those other comics on SJ so I wanted to turn it into an action series. I started flipping through random shounen comics and found more super power inspiration~ Expect more action (an some BL action too) later on in the comic : D

I think the animals came from the idea that I wanted all the characters to have names with meaning. I gave Inukami (dog god) Shiba (as in the breed Shiba Inu) a dog name because of the collar so I kept up with the animal names for everyone else. I found out that Inukami is a city in the Shiga prefecture so Shiba from Shiga fit quite well.

With that, we came up with:
Chougami Akira - Chou chou is buttefly and Gami can also mean god; Akira means bright
Shirogaki Mayuu - White demon became White Lion
Akayume Kai - Kai became Koi fish
Sarutobi Goku - Monkey Jump; Son Goku
Hiruma - Hir(Uma) Uma means horse; Kanji is 昼間 (Daytime)
Chougami Chikusa - Chik(Usa) Usa means bunny; Kanji is 千種 (1,000 Seeds)
Rex - T-Rex...reptile kid;;
Chika - Shika (Deer) became Chika
Ahiru - Ahiru means duck

On the 31st of December of 2008, I received an instant message from a reader of our Nerdy Boy comic. Somehow it turned into an interview-like chat and I think it rightfully deserves to be in the FAQ section! If you have any further questions, feel free to PM us! -Eisha (AIM: Eisha Ay 27)

Reader: Hi! =3 Sorry if I'm bothering you
But I was reading your comic
And just wanted to tell you that it's cool!

Eisha: Thank you : D
I'm glad you like it and please look forward to more!

Reader: Yeah! Thanks
I was curious though
How long does it take to make each page?

Eisha: I think the most consuming part is the inking
I can sketch 10 pages in seconds
But it takes me a good 15-20 minutes to ink (when I'm in the mood)
Depending on how much detail is on the page
And colouring is quick as well

Reader:Oh wow, that's pretty fast o.o

Eisha: Yeah, it takes practice and you have to know what you can and can not do with your techniques and skills

Reader: Thanks =)
Also curious if I may ask
"Blackrockshoota"/"Poppikun" made the main character design?

Eisha: Yes, she did a few sketches of her little Nerdy Boy
And I drew a few sketches of Shiba

Reader: cool cool
But she no longer works on the comic with you?

Eisha: No, she doesn't go online anymore
She frequently changes her DA account
And doesn't leave a way to contact her

Reader: Weird o.o
May I ask why she left?
I just think it's odd that she abandoned her own characters like that D:

Eisha: I'm not very sure. She changed her account before we met and she continued to change while we were working on the project

Reader: So she never really talked that much?

Eisha: We'd talk about how the NB and Shiba would interact with each other
But not much about anything non-NB related

Reader: Ahhh

Eisha: It's not like the relationship I have with Bibi, where I actually know her in real life

Reader: Oh
So how'd you meet then? I've always wondered because I've wanted to do a collaboration with people too but never knew where to look XD

Eisha: PK/BRS was a friend of another online friend I had on DA
We started to comment on each other's art work
And she created NB and wanted him to have a playmate
So I doodled Shiba
And we'd comment back to back

Reader: Aw, cute :'D

Eisha: And the little scenarios we plotted turned into a comic

Reader: That's great =) Thanks for answering
And sorry for the persistent questions.

Eisha: The questions are no problem.
I wish you happiness and good health
And a happy new year

Reader: XD Thanks, you too
But you've helped a lot anyway
And btw, you should make a tutorial on how you make your comics =P Just a suggestion, but aspiring artists will love you forever XD

Eisha: Ahaha, a tutorial sounds like a good idea : D

As a result of this interview, I made these tutorials:
Planning, Drawing, Cleaning, Colouring

From r-o-t-a
This is my impatience showing through. There's been a good development of friendship going on between Akira and Shiba but I'm curious when a proper relationship is going to kick in or will I just have to wait and see. Which I don't mind doing. The best romances are the ones that take time to develop after all. Well, before we revamped the whole story-- the story was a bit of a mess. It didn't much have a story, nor any action. As Eisha mentioned before, the story was created by small drawing with Poppikun. But Poppikun left, which left me with the option of helping her re-start the whole story. In doing so, I decided that Shiba and Akira shouldn't come out all out gay as soon as they meet. I hate those, and most of the BL stories are like that which gives me no plot (of course, I don't mean it to offend anyone).
So I decided to write the story by adding in some het coupling and their story, and the slow process of Shiba and Akira's relationship growing into love. So I guess you have wait a while until they start opening up to their true feelings, later in the series.

Most recent comic: Chapter 18