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チカ - Chika

What they listen to:
Tommy February6

Spirit: ...
Birthday: September 12th
Place of Birth: Shiga
Blood Type: O
Favourite Food: Gelato
Family: Adopted parents
Seiyuu: 水樹 奈々 Mizuki Nana - Fate Testarossa(Nanoha), Hyuuga Hinata(Naruto), Wrath(Hagaren)

Chika grew up in the same orphanage as Ahiru and Shiba. They all eventually parted ways once adopted into what they all hoped to be loving families. Chika was adopted by a family from the Kyoto prefecture and they moved to the US during her latter elementary school years. Chika kept in contact with Ahiru and hopes to come back to Japan and see her old friends.

アヒル - Ahiru

What they listen to:
Craig David

Spirit: ...
Birthday: February 14th
Place of Birth: Shiga
Blood Type: B
Favourite Food: Hamburgers
Family: Adopted Parents
Seiyuu: 清水 愛 Shimizu Ai - Minagi Mikoto(My-HiME), Road Kamelot(D-Gray)

Ahiru grew up in the same orphanage as Chika and Shiba. They all eventually parted ways once adopted into what they all hoped to be loving families. Ahiru was adopted by a woman from Gifu and they moved to Tokyo when she was starting middle school. Ahiru attends a school that is notorious for it's delinquents. She is the only girl on the school's boxing team and is willing to fight to protect her friends from any danger. She loves hip-hop music and crime or doctor dramas from abroad.

月闇 スミレ - Tsukiyami Sumire

What they listen to: Seisyun Shampoo

Spirit: ...
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Blood Type: B
Favourite Food:
Family: Adopted daughter
Sumire went to the same high school as Kai and the others. She is now a practicing nurse at the school Ahiru attends. She adopted Ahiru from the orphanage and they now live in an apartment near campus. Sumire loves cute things and unfortunately Ahiru grew up as a tom boy.

健太 - Kenta

What they listen to: Gollbetty

Spirit: ...
Birthday: August 9th
Place of Birth: Nagoya
Blood Type: B
Favourite Food: Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds
Family: Mother, Father is abroad
Seiyuu: 鳥海 浩輔 - Toriumi Kousuke (Neuro: Ishigaki Jun, Naruto: Kiba)

Good for nothing Kenta is a happy-go-lucky useless kid. His two friends are Abi and Ueda and they continuously bully him but he's too naive and happy to care. According to his mother, his father left to pursue his dream of playing pro-soccer. Because of this Kenta is absolutely obsessed with soccer as well and hopes to eventually reunite with his father for one-on-one game!

アビ - Abi

What they listen to: Oreskaband

Spirit: ...
Birthday: March 29th
Place of Birth: Nagoya
Blood Type: AB
Favourite Food: strawberry candy
Family: Parents deceased, Older brother.
Seiyuu: Marika Matsumoto- Chocola (Sugar Sugar rune) and Miwako Sakurada (Paradise Kiss)

Abi is brash and rude- just like her older brother Tori- who used to be a bike gang leader. Of course, Abi tries her best to be cute and petit, despite her obnoxious personality. She is usually seen with her two friends, Kenta and Ueda.

ウエダ - Ueda

What they listen to: Skull Candy

Spirit: ...
Birthday: November 24th
Place of Birth: Nagoya
Blood Type: B
Favourite Food: Straweberry parfaits
Family: parents (unknown), Grandmother.
Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi- Shoutaro (Skip beat!), Komui Lee (D.Gray-man)

When his parents were gone, his grandmother took care of the young heartbroken Ueda. To fill his need for love of his parents, he began to grow an obsession on making cute things- at the same time being a Banchou of his Junior High and aiming to become one in his high school. He is childhood friends with Abi and friends with Kenta.